Your Most Vexing Political Problem?
Would you Help us to Solve it?

Can you identify a major, persisting, obvious, yet easy to solve problem in your society or community? Do you view its resolution as straightforward and highly beneficial?

If so, are you ever amazed at the roadblocks you face as you expose the problem and promote its solution?

Would you care to reflect on your difficulties with institutions, especially governmental ones?

Let us now assume, for the sake of the argument, that these leaders and institutions did their job, boldly working to serve the public. Evidently, they promptly would:

As they would get to it, they would tackle the controversy:

Evidently, governments and other institutions do not deal with your most vexing political problem in this fashion. Why would that be?

If they indeed understood the problem but had no will to solve it, would it be possible to prove it?

Would there perhaps be one issue that would expose their hypocrisy in a way that would exclude lack of knowledge or resources and that would be easy for ordinary people to understand? This may be key to resolving your problem.

It so happens that there is such an issue. You now stand in front of its proverbial rabbit hole. Once you have explored it, the problem that brought you here will appear to you as child's play and you will realize why you may have naïvely thought that what has caused you so much grief would have been institutional indifference or opposition . It has been less a matter of random incompetence or negligence than of intelligent design.

Would you find ten minutes to probe further? Be 9/11 Truth's guest!


Daniel Noël, 2011-July-9